Lighting.  All live presentations that involve anything other than simply screening a video are required to be properly lit.  It is your responsibility to plan the lighting.  You will draw up a light plot and arrange for the appropriate lights to be gelled and aimed before presentation time.  If your presentation requires total darkness, you or an associate will be responsible for producing it.  In the ACTLab this includes arranging for all monitors to be turned off, the control room to be darkened or shielded, and the studio doors closed.  Proper lighting of your presentation is part of your grade.

Sound reinforcement.  Creating a soundscape is not complete until you have decided on, acquired, and set up the playback system.  If your presentation uses sound, it is your responsibility to assure that appropriate amplifiers, speakers, and wiring are set up at the site of your presentation, connected, and working properly.  Don’t assume that anything works unless you have personally verified that it does.  Don’t assume that power is available; verify that it is.  Proper sound reinforcement is part of your grade.

Microphone.  If your presentation requires a microphone of any kind -- wireless, wired, contact, whatever -- and you expect us to supply it, it is your responsibility to request it via email at least a week before presentation.  Doing so is part of your grade.

Touchscreen.  If your presentation uses the video or sound system or the computers connected to them, you are required to be proficient in the use of the touchscreen control unit.  It is your responsibility to take the touchscreen tutorial for that purpose.  Knowing how to use the touchscreen during your project is part of your grade.

Video files.  If you intend to screen a video, you are responsible for verifying that the video files for your presentation are uploaded to the presentation computer at the beginning of presentation day, and that they play on that computer.  Discovering at the last minute that your video does not work on the ACTLab presentation computer will result in a reduction in your grade.