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Chuck Welch, otherwise known in the mail art network as the Crackerjack Kid, has been an active participant in the international mail art network since 1978. Welch is a Fulbright recipient (1976) and an NEA Hilda Maehling Fellow (1981) who has written extensively about mail art. Networking Currents was self-published by Welch in 1985 and the book remains a pioneering text about mail art subjects, issues, and the evolution of mail artists as networkers. The University of Calgary Press published Welch's edition Eternal Network: A Mail Art Anthology in January 1995. Readers interested in acquiring the book can write to Shirley Onn, editor, University of Calgary Press, 2500 University Dr. N.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1N4

An active visual artist, Welch continues with special mail art interests in emailart, artiststamps, mail art zines, and the role of mail artists as networkers. His M.F.A. in Studio Art at Boston Museum School (1987) was centered on the creation of handmade paper sculptures, assemblages, and intaglio prints. Welch has a papermaking studio which he has used since 1983 to create unusual conceptual handmade paper stamps that link paper fiber to commemorative subject matter. An example is Welch's Vietnam Commemorative Stampsheet, a presentation of dogtags commemorating four of his Vietnam buddies. Plaster molds were created with the actual dogtags, handmade paper was formed in the molds and later were mounted on perforated paper handmade from Welch's pulverized jungle fatigues.

Recent mail art projects include the Networker Telenetlink 1995 Welch's Telenetlink originated in 1991 when it emerged as the first effort to link the mail art and emailart communities on internet. Welch generated and distributed the first emailart lists over internet at the 1991 Sao Paulo Biennial and is continuing this list with his Emailart Directory. Readers interested in learning about the role of online emailart networkers can reach Chuck Welch at the following address.

Chuck Welch
email <jackkid@pclink.com>
19 Indian Hills Dr.
Circle Pines, MN 55014,
phone 612-785-9669

Jack Kid's CD "Threadbare" with the song Ray Johnson
available through NewFolk Artists
PO Box 314
Circle Pines, MN 55014
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email (Cracker) Jack Kid jackkid@newfolk.mv.com



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