This emailart directory is out of date!
It is preserved here for historical interest.
Please conduct online searches for current information on mail artists and networkers.

In the spring of 1991 Chuck Welch circulated the first emailart listings of mail artists online to electronic journals like "Postmodern Culture" and to internet newsgroups like Artcom, RecArts.Fine, and the Well. The lists were also distributed to 24 major sites in the 1991 International Reflux Project, a project under the direction of Dr. Artur Matuck at Carnegie Mellon University. The original listing of twenty-four emailartists was limited largely to mail artists with BBS' and those few who had access to the internet. The first online mail artists such as Fred Truck, Anna Couey, George Brett, Carl Eugene Loffler, Judy Malloy, and a few others were and are pioneering members of the telematic arts community. Most of the early online mail artists were affiliated in some capacity with educational institutions which allowed these artists inexpensive, direct access to the global internet.

In a period of seven years the original Networker Telenetlink emailart list list has grown to the present size here. Much of the growth resulted when all of the commercial online networks such as Compuserve, Genie, America Online, Prodigy, and others finally opened a gateway ramp to internet in 1994. The Networker Telenetlink continues to work tirelessly to provide commercial online networks access to emailart listings and to expand the existing community. Emailartists who have been especially helpful in widening the dissemination of the Emailart Directory and Networker Telenetlink Project are Honoria, Pete Fischer, and Reed Altemus. The Electronic Museum of Mail Art is a first concentrated effort to create a emailart home page totally devoted to the exploration of emailart and snailmail art and where these two communication forms intersect.

There will always be a question as to what constitutes online or offline mail art activity since mail art is an umbrella network covering numerous communication forms from rubberstamp art to correspondence art and networking. While surfing America Online for mail art interactivity I found subject listings for MailArt, Mail Art, Art Stamp, Postal Art, Postal Network, and Correspondence Art. Among these listings the America Online rubberstamp community is by far the largest core group (about 200 individuals) whose activities, while not always focused on the role of rubberstamping in mail art, are still a group that uses the mailstream as a network community.

The point of what constitutes mail art online is open to aesthetic development in this early stage of global telecommunication via internet. In a general context mail art is about community building, collaboration, and democratic exchange of concepts. The medium of exchange in mail art is the post, but the post or internet will never be the core aesthetc interpretation of emailart. The message will always be the medium of mail art/emailart and the message is THE MESSENGER. This list is in flux and to participate one has only to mail one's name and email address. Whether you are a bona fide mail artist in a traditional "snailmail" context or not is immaterial here.

Emailart lists are constantly in flux. In reviewing two other separate lists of mail artists online I found over thirty errors. Either these individuals were no longer online or their addresses were incorrect. Please inform me of any incorrect listings so this Emailart Directory can be kept accurate and current. Also, we invite you to distribute this list to interested network friends. Send any new emailart addresses and your queries to jackkid@pclink.com

EMMA's Historic and frozen EMAILART DIRECTORY - revised last: 07-19-97


Allison, Marjorie: Whygigi@aol.com
Anby Boy: 102042.2645@compuserve.com
Artoposto: Artoposto@aol.com
Artsnet: Suephil@peg.pegasus.oz.au
Ascott, Roy: 100143.100@compuserve.com
Ashworth, Robert: robert@pacificrim.net
Ashworth, Robert: http://pacificrim.net/~robert/ashworth.html
Avery, David: dla@bga.com
Bagato, Jeff: MB29@aol.com
Banco de Ideas: ideasz@tinored.cu
Beams, Mary: mary@art.niu.edu
Bell, Lillian: abell@linfield.edu
Bennett, John: jbennett@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Blackburn, Tim alias Zetetics: zetetics@aol.com
Bleus, Guy: gb@pophost.eunet.be
Blind Robin: InDigestPress@worldnet.att.net
Block, Mark, a.k.a. PAN: markb@echonyc.com
Board, Mykel: ex243@cleveland.freenet.edu
Bondi, J.: j.bondi@genie.geis.com
Breland, Bruce (DAX Group): 73004.2772@compuserve.com
Brett, George: ghb@sura.org, or ghb@sherman.bldr.net
Brooks, Steven: ATX@dsn.com
Brown, Bob: bbrown@pepvax.pepperdine.edu
Bukoff, Allen: fluxus@rust.net
Bunting, Heath: heath@cybercafe.org
Burning Press: au462@cleveland.Freenet.edu
Burr, Ronald: burrron@u.washington.edu
Campbell, Kim: kimba@spagmumps.com
Cardell, Mikael: cardell@lysator.liu.se
Carla Cryptic: cjatkins@violet.berkeley.edu
Cohen, Joel (The Stickerdude) a.k.a. Ragged Edge Press: stkrdude@interport.net
Couey, Anna: couey@well.sf.ca.us
Crackerjack Kid, ed. "Netshaker Online": jackkid@pclink.com
Cramer, Florian: cantsin@fub46.zedat.fu-berlin.de
Crash Network: crash@barn.com
Daniel Plunkett, ed. of "ND Magazine": Plunkett@nd.org
Darren: darren@epic.co.uk
DeVallance, Brendan: buddery@interport.net
Devoluy, Robert: rbrtd@earthlink.net
DeMarco, Joe: marco@cinenet.net
Disembodied Art Gallery, a.k.a. Keith DeMendonca: gallery@dismbody.demon.co.uk
Dodge, Chris: cdodge@hennepin.hennepin.lib.mn.us
Donfrancesco, Giorgio: gdidonfrancesco@mail.clio.it
Drage, Tim: tim@drage.demon.co.uk
Dragonfly Dream: dragonfy@RT66.com
Drake, Luigi Bob: au462@cleveland.freenet.edu
Eastman, Carol: CEASTON@vax.clarku.edu
Ewing, Bob: cclash@web.apc.org
FaGaGaGa a.k.a. Mark Corroto: mcorroto@alumni.ysu.edu
Federico: FAcerri@msn.com
Felter, James Warren: jfelter@direct.ca
Ficus Strangulensis: ficus@citynet.net
Fischer, Pete: hatfield@indirect.com
Frank, Joachim: joachim@tethys.ph.albany.edu
Francois, Charles: charfra@arcadis.be
Gale, Bob: london@bitstream.net
Golchert, Rainer: r.golchert@abs.swb.de
Gomez-Perales, Juan L.: perales@vax2.concordia.ca
Green Brigades: zielbryg@gn.apc.org
Grist On-Line, John Fowler, editor: http://www.phantom.com/~grist
Grush, Byron: byron@art.niu.edu (See also Byron's website)
Gunderson, Wendy: wendy@tiger.avana.net
Halushka, Rhonda.: r.halushka@genie.geis.com, or rhoz@sna.com
Hopkins, John: hopkins@ismennt.is
Honoria: honoria@mail.utexas.edu
Humphrey, Glen: gwh@cpcug.org
Hunter, Conrad: c_hunter@xart.com
Iolzner, Dan: dan@appres.com
Iverson, Lisa: TmplGrl@aol.com
Janssen, Ruud: tam@dds.nl
John L.: johnl@meer.net
Kac, Edouardo: ekac1@pop.uky.edu
Keys, Sarah: SarahK1994@aol.com
Labovitz, John: johnl@meer.net
Lara, Mario: mlara@netcom.com
Lehmus, Jukka: jlehmus@cute.fi
Leo Duh Fitchi a.k.a. Smallville Funny Farm: leo.smallville@worldnet.att.net
Leslie, Scott: Scott_Leslie@BanffCentre.AB.CA
Leslie What: l_what@efn.org
Loeffler, Carl Eugene: artcomtv@well.sf.ca.us
Malloy, Judy: jmalloy@well.sf.ca.us
Ma Vinci: MaVinci@juno.com
Metcalf, Dick: rotcod@halcyon.com
Michal, Suran: suran@cvt.stuba.sk
Miller, Ken: kenbmiller@aol.com
Milliken, Uncle Don: DPMILLIKEN@amherst.edu
MJHSDR: MJHSDR@wvnvaxa.wvnet.edu
Morse, Deana: Morsed@gvsu.edu
Nte, Sol Eyoka: mud18@cc.keele.ac.uk
Owens, Ashley Parker: soapbox@well.sf.ca.us
Padilla, Gerardo: gpadilla@tuzo.reduaz.mx
Padin, Clemente: (temporary email address) juanra@chasque.apc.org
Panman a.k.a. Mark Bloch : markb@echonyc.com
Parker, Richard: richard@mods.demon.co.uk
Pas de Chance: ian@interlog.com
Paulussen, Hans: hpa@elv.fundp.ac.be
Pearson, Robert: telical@eskimo.com
Permeable Press: bcclark@igc.apc.org
Plunkett, Daniel: Plunkett@nd.org
Pore, Jerod: jerod23@well.sf.ca.us ("FactSheet Five Electric")
Porter, C.T.: ctporter@mercury.interpath.net
Powell, Alan: powellaw@astro.ocis.temple.edu
Prophet: mcelroy@ucsuc.colorado.edu
Purps: HailOtis@socpsy.sci.fau.edu
Rau, Michelle: mirau@well.sf.ca.us
Raymond: Raymon2048@aol.com
Reiber, Bettina: bettina_reiber@citlit.demon.co.uk
Reverend Tin-Ear: revtinear@aol.com
Richards, Kymberleigh: Kymmer@xconn.com
Ricker, David: dwr@ix.netcom.com
Rininger, John: catalyst@interaccess.com
Rolik, Chris: retro@hooked.net
Rose, Mark: mrose@halcyon.com
Rosenblatt, Margie: mbr@umd5.umd.edu
Rosenblatt, Shulamis: 71064.3401@compuserve.com
Rutkovsky, Paul: prutkov@mailer.fsu.edu
Sagall, Richard: Rich24@aol.com
Sanders, Karen: 72322.730@compuserve.com
Schloss, Arleen: atel@panix.com
Schulz, Duane, a.k.a. Nonlocal Variable: nonlocal@europa.com
Scott, Vic: rahid@easynet.co.uk
Sherarts, LaVona, a.k.a. Dr. Surearts: TSHERARTS@tigger.stcloud.msus.edu
Sheets, Lisa: 74103.711@compuserve.com
Shozo Shimamoto email shozos@shozo-shimamoto.com

Sicard, Andrew L. a.k.a. Andy Boy: 102042.2645@compuserve.com
Siemens, A: a.siemens1@genie.geis.com
Snell, Maxi: maxie@voyager.net
Smith, Chris: smitty@world.std.com
Sousa, Pere: merzmail@abaforum.es
Spector, Mark: spector@mawtus.demon.co.uk
Speranza, Carolyn: speranza@oberon.ckp.edu
Stampo: stampo@genie.geis.com
Stampophyl: Stampophyl@aol.com
Stewart, Michael: mcintyre@io.com
Stone, Carl: cstone@netcom.com
Strauss, Lee: moonmam@aol.com
Street Beat Quarterly: (Jay E. Katz) jekatz@nyx.cs.du.edu
Summers, "Rev." Paul: pm0006@epfl2.epflbalto.org
Tisma, Andrej: aart@EUnet.yu
deVallance, Brendon: buddery@interport.net
Van Baerle, Susan: sue@archone.tamu.edu
Van Nouhuys, Caius: caius@well.sf.ca.us
Voss, Eric: ericvos@euronet.nl
Why Gigi: Whygigi@aol.com
Wilbur, Shawn a.k.a. "bookish": swilbur@andy.bgsu.edu
Wood, Reed: zwood@oberlin.edu
Yahale Yadede: uyyadede@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu
Yepiz, Gerardo: gyepiz@cicese.mx