ACTLabbies keep in touch via our mailing lists. Current labbies, i.e., people working or studying in the ACTLab during the current semester, are automatically added to the appropriate lists. If you'd like to join one or more ACTLab listservs, here they are, with instructions for subscribing. Our most popular listserv, discuss connects current labbies and the greater ACTLab community (the "Old Borgs' Network") in an international web of discourse. It is a medium-traffic list (1-3 messages a day). Mail consists of news of interest to us, occasional questions, and announcements of interesting events such as conferences, exhibitions, colloquia, performances, and music worldwide. To join, surf to and follow the simple instructions. A low-traffic (1 message a week), eclectic list for the extremely geekly in nature. For the most part it consists of weird and unusual stuff culled from list members' surfing expeditions and of use primarily to fellow geeks in the greater ACTLab community. To join, surf to and follow the simple instructions.
Students enrolled in courses related to the ACTLab-MIT-UPV EmergentMedia Research Program. This list is open to folks interested in the Research Program. To join, surf to and follow the simple instructions. This list is the whole ACTLab enchilada. It consists of everyone currently subscribed to discuss, converge, and all current class lists.
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