ACTLab Outside the Lab

In the spirit of expansion, collusion, and the spread of free information and innovation, ACTLab has moved beyond the borders of Austin and into the wider world.

Former students have begun their own ACTLab endeavors in other states, countires, and continents.

Country of Chile and FlagHere are just some of our sister wizards:

Chile: Sebastian Bisbal, a n ACTLabie, teacher, and experimental film maker, maintains a website showcasing work from Chile. Volcano in Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey, Mexico: José Alvarado, still rockin' it at ACTLab TV this summer, creates art, content, and color for the Monterrey branch of ACTLab.

Keep visiting for MORE TO COME.

(please note, this text was modified and mangled from, old acltab sites and unkown sources that showed up late one night.)


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