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This course explores the theory, history, and practice – mostly practice -- of technology and performance as sociopolitical intervention. This includes performance in an urban context: site-specific and street theater, puppetry, environmental theater, culture jamming (including radio, television, billboards and recording), and digital interventions.

Class is in studio and discussion format. This means that your active participation is a requirement of the course. During the semester we expect you to contribute your own ideas and arguments to the discussions, and to be willing to take the responsibilities and risks such contributions imply.

There are no written exams. Instead you will use the theories and tools you acquire during the semester to MAKE STUFF! about some aspect of performance as a public practice. What you make can be in any form: sound, installation, video, computer animation, collage, sculpture, assemblage, performance -- you name it. You will do this in stages, starting with simple projects and moving to more complex ones, using humor, irony, uncommon approaches, and bizarre techniques.

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Here are some resource we use for the course:

Antonin Artaud

Artaud's "Manifesto in a Clear Language"

Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed

Guillermo Gomez-Pena

Gomez-Pena's La Pocha Nostra: Short Videos



Sandy Stone


Radical Theatre

The Diggers Movement - radical performance art in San Fransisco - guerrilla theater troupe

Applied and Interactive Theater Guide - tips and info

RTMark - fight the conglomos!

TopLab - Interactive Theater Workshops for Social Change

El Teatro Campesino: Interview With Luis Valdez

The Yippies: A brief summary

Installations and Performances

Performance Art



Culture Jamming Culture Jamming

Culture Jammer's Encyclopedia

The Fluxus Performance Workbook

The Situationist International

Fake Roadsigns (Warning: Lots-o-Flash)

Women in Art / Art As Politics

Machinima example: "A Few Good G-Men"

Justin's Drama and Theatre Links



Short History of Radical Puppetry

Another short history of radical puppetry

Profiling Puppets

Political Puppetry: Where did it go?

A puppet ritual: May Day Feast

Puppetry as Cultural Critique

Peter Schumann: Puppets, Bread, and Art

Puppeteer's Cooperative Home Page

Kathi's Links to All Things Puppet



Masks and Masquerade

Short Anthropological History of Masks


Alternative Press

The Guerrilla News Network - alternative press

The Ruckus Society - subversive training and information

UtNe - environmental and politcal alternative media

BBC News - British Broadcasting Network

Ode to Michael Moore - must read!

Anarchy - "a journal of desire armed"

Z Communications - "the spirit of resistance lives"

Independent Media Center - alternative press


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