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By participating in ACTLab activities or signing up for ACTLab courses you become a member of an ongoing community with participants on campus, at other universities, and in the professional world. Many ACTlabbies have gone on to their own startups or to major corporations in a wide variety of fields, and still participate in ACTLab life. ACTLab liaisons with other universities will permit students to take courses at sister labs around the world and receive RTF course credit for doing so. During the semester alumni from around the globe (the "Old Borgs' Network") visit the ACTLab and share their practical knowledge, bizarre insights, and true-life dramas from the Other Side. We are constantly refreshing the ACTLab community network through our mailing lists, personal visits by alumni and special guests, and classes' forays into exciting professional and aesthetic environments.

To sample our community you can take ACTLab classes, join ongoing projects, or help plan future events, courses, and curricula. As you get to know other labbies here and around the world you will develop a sense of how you relate to our approaches to education, research, community, and making. This is an indispensable process, since our freewheeling style, with its emphasis on self-motivation, persistent exploration, and risktaking, isn't for everyone.

Click here to view sample comments from students, staff and general participants in the program. Below is a list of current participants, as well as a link to the ACTLab Webpage Directory, which holds literally hundreds of studnet websites.

The Repeat Offenders

Director- Sandy Stone
Current Graduate Researchers- Brandon Wiley
  Joseph Lopez
Current Undergradaute Researchers- Randy Kelley
  Robert Fancher
  Evan Wilson
  Katherine Shanely

Steering committee

Jon Lebkowsky Sandy Stone
Vernon Reed Drew Davidson
Honoria Patrick Burkhart
Jeff Marslett Sara Bowman
Rich MacKinnon Troy Whitlock
Maida Barbour Knut Graf
Vicente Forés Charles Vestal
Brian Murfin Jeremy Gibson
Jeffrey Prothero Harold Chaput
Heather Kelly Brandon Wiley
Janet Staiger Joseph Lopez
Joseph Straubhaar  

Notable Undergraduate/Graduate Course Projects

: Here's a link to a Perfomance/Video created by Charles Vestal that looks at geography and how we view our spaces and destinations click here

: This video was created by Joseph Lopez. It explores ideas of low tech video solutions (he used a still camera in Movie mode), analog effects, and the use of visual effect click here

- Lindsey Hallam created this project to examine her/America's obsession with fast food click here

: This is a project by Rene and Brad. Talk about bad luck: they had both of their personal projects fall through for final presentations and threw this together literally in a weekend. This project shows what you can do if you put your mind, body, and craziness to work click here

: Here is a link to Charles Vestal's INFOcan, a wireless device which converts selected Internet traffic to sound, allowing the users to audibly know how their stocks and other dynamic internet content are doing click here

This is a video done by Selena Vela which explores the line between flesh and the digital world. The video uses special effects that Selena learned while making it. click here

This video was edited by Bradon Tapp, who created a commentary on how video games and reality are sometimes a little too close for comfort. click here

ACTLab Video Archive-

(Please be patient while we rebuild the archive.)

ACTLab Directory-

Click here to view the ACTLab student directory. The directory contains in alphabetical order the complete list of student websites created for ACTLab courses.


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