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" The pedagogy of the ACTLab and its open learning environment which welcomes and investigates questions rather than lecturing solutions, has "

" In addition, Sandy is a delight, a fountain of knowledge on myriad topics, and an inspiration. I feel inexpressibly grateful for the opportunity to study with her."

" I think ACTLab-style learning through synthesis and the creative process is one of the most effective ways to learn about the world, yourself and others."

" The cross-disciplinary approach teaches you how to think in new ways and opens up whole new views of the world."

" thus far at UT."


", and Sandy is easily my favorite instructor in the department."

" RTF should have more courses like these, that support active participation and increase activity. VIVA ACTLAB!"

" Extremely unique and creative."


"I truly felt the ACTLab was my outlet to express myself and venture upon new endeavors. I have so many new great ideas that I can't wait to engage. Thank you."

"The very idea that an ACTLab class is not structured in the usual way makes it a much better learning environment. Sandy is a treasure-trove of ideas and knowledge. Her think-tank methods are well based on corporate engineering concept-development methods. Students have to think about what they want to do for projects, develop them, and present the results (which may be an explanation of why the project did not work). I have used her classes as an excuse to explore areas I would never have gone to, because I know am confident that she understands that a project which fails is not a failure; learning still takes place. I like the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with other students."

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